Introduction – Why date online?

Introduction to online dating sitesSo you are wondering why to start dating online? You might have heard good or bad things about the online dating experience and you might be scared to give dating sites a try. Guess what? You’re not the only one! So let’s take the first steps together and I’ll introduce you to what we used to call “the future of dating” ten years ago. That future is now. In the past ten years the online dating sites market has grown exponentially and has reached a wide variety of people of all ages, sexes and nationalities all over the world, with much success.

The difference between success and failure with online dating sites is based upon two main factors: the site or sites you choose to use and the approach you  take on these sites. On this site about online dating, I will be sharing with you the secrets to a successful online dating experience and my reviews of the best online dating sites based on my own experiences on these online dating sites.

Due to the growing number of dating sites on the web, choosing the right one can be a real challenge and very time consuming. Nobody likes to throw their hard-earned money on bogus dating sites. Even when they advertise on TV and or all over the web. Think of it this way, the bigger the advertisement, the bigger the scam might be.

Successful online dating profiles for men

Online dating profile examples for men by JT A quick tutorial examining online dating profile examples for men. Successful online dating profiles for men My other post about successful online dating profile examples were so popular, I decided to write another one for you … I went through a number of examples of online dating profiles for men after coaching a couple of guys in my dating coach job. Here you can find mocospace space online login.

Using them as an example of a good online dating profile, you can duplicate the method and get women to start contacting you, texting you, and wanting to get to know you. Take a look below to find the biggest problems I see men write their profiles… Successful online dating profile examples Un-successful online dating profile examples Including pictures doing something women enjoy and want to do with you.

This site,, was built with the purpose to steer you in the right direction by helping you choose the best online dating site and making sure you get the best of your experience with online dating sites . Allowing you to get your money’s worth and not waste your time on the wrong dating sites.

Like many other services, online dating sites come with many disadvantages while other sites are reputable and will exceed your expectations as well as fulfill your desires.

Some of the online dating sites, are nothing but scam sites! However, this should not discourage you. There will always be people trying to scam you out of your hard earned money. This applies as much to car garages as well as to online dating sites. It’s normal, and you can protect yourself by making a well informed choice. During my experience with online dating sites I’ve seen it all and here are some of the most common scams:

  • Unexpected charges : Some sites will overcharge you for the service without any prior notification because there is a clause in the small print of the contract you’ve accepted without paying attention.
  • Hard to unsubscribe : Some sites will make it as hard as possible for you to unsubscribe to their service, either by ignoring your emails,  hiding the onsite contact information or making you go through long hold periods before anyone answer your call.
  • Promotion of fake members: some sites will pollute their database with fake members that don’t really exist, just to make people register.
  • Fake pictures and profile information : Some sites might alter the search results to increase the number of potential dates for your region or search parameters.
  • Unbalanced gender ratio: We found that, for marketing reasons, the scummy online dating sites will increase the promoted ratio of women to men on the site or vice versa.

I understand that all of those reasons might discourage you from joining online dating sites. It’s normal! But if done right and you follow my advice, I guarantee that you will succeed and fulfill your expectations and not get scammed.

Now that the bad is behind us, let’s take a look at the advantages of choosing and using the right online dating site to meet new and interesting people:

  • Affordable and time efficient: The monthly cost of a membership is a very small portion of what you might spend looking for potential dates in restaurants, bars, parties, theatrical events, festivals, etc. Online dating sites also eliminate the money expense and wasted time of useless dates thereafter. This is mostly achieved by eliminating candidates that don’t fit your criteria straight from the get-go. This gives you more time to find better compatible dates.
  • Accessible: Giving today’s busy life schedules, we all lack the extra time to freely search for the right partner. Online dating is easily accessible anywhere you might be trough your computer or Smartphone. Most of the good dating sites have a mobile application that allows you to stay connected everywhere you go.
  • High reach potential:  You have the ability to reach many more potential dates and in a wider geographical region. For example, if you sit at a bar you’re limited to the customers of the bar, meanwhile, on an online dating site, you can specify a search radius as wide or as narrow as you please.
  • Easy and comfortable (no immediate pressure): In the real world (ex: clubs, bars, etc.) you have to deal with other outside interferences and influences that may limit the chance of you successfully charming the other person (aka: closing the deal). For instance, friends, competition, noise or even time might interfere with the success of getting to know somebody. Meanwhile, online dating does not limit your timeframe to a few minutes or hours to meet somebody. You can take your time to search and think without any pressure to your approach.
  • Private and personal: Online dating allows you to keep your dating experiences and personal life confidential. People might recognize and or judge you elsewhere. In our days, privacy and confidentiality are essential to our overall image and well being.
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