Xprofiles.com Review


Xprofiles.com General Review

Xprofiles.com is a very new dating site, launched in 2010. It markets to have reached 21 million members, but we tend to deny that statement. Xprofiles.com is still a new site, so we gave it a shot, but it still needs some more marketing and a lot more members to become a top dating site.

We do recommend that you try Xprofiles.com for the free trial period and see how it goes for you. Things might have changed since this review was made or you might be lucky and have lots of active members in your area.

We will re-review Xprofiles.com by the end of the year and let you know it things have changed or not. We hope to get a better conversion rate than what we got this time, 3%…

You can check the statistics for Xprofiles.com below.


Statistics Gathered for Xprofiles.com

Here are the statistics that we have gathered on Xprofiles.com throughout our experience. We try to keep this information the most accurate possible at all times, but changes may occur with time. Please inform us if you see an inaccurate value.

Total members for Xprofiles.com

21 million

Launch Year of Xprofiles.com


Monthly Price for Xprofiles.com

34,95$ (acceptable)

Percentage of women on Xprofiles.com


Percentage of active members on Xprofiles.com


Xprofiles.com Features Review

Here are some of the base features that we think all good dating sites should have. They will allow you to communicate and contact other members on Xprofiles.com and its trough these functions that you will establish your future dates.

Basic & Advanced Xprofiles.com Profile Search


Make Lists of Favourite Xprofiles.com Members


Photo Albums of Xprofiles.com Members


Instant Messaging between Xprofiles.com Members


Video Sharing between Xprofiles.com Members


Private Messaging between Xprofiles.com Members


Message Templates by Xprofiles.com to Ease Communication


View who Visited Your Xprofiles.com Profile


Rate Other Xprofiles.com Members Profiles


Block Other Xprofiles.com Members


Live Audio Chat with Other Xprofiles.com Members


Live Video Chat with Other Xprofiles.com Members


Experience Summary on Xprofiles.com

These are statistics we have gathered after a three months trial period on Xprofiles.com. We were 5 people evaluating and testing the potential of Xprofiles.com during these three months in different geo-locations. These statistics might change depending on your geo-location and your experience with online dating sites. To increase your success rate you should read our online dating guide.

Total Members Contacted


Total Replies Received


Total Serious Conversations


Total Ready to Meet Members


Total Achieved Dates


Percentage of Conversion Rate


Location Statistics for Xprofiles.com Users

Here are the Geo-Location statistics for the members of Xprofiles.com. These statistics have been shared with us by Xprofiles.com. Please keep in mind to check these statistics when choosing your online dating site. To increase your chances of success you should always pick sites with a high members concentration from your country.

North Americas (USA, Canada)


Europe (UK)


Other Continents (Australia)


If you decide to join Xprofiles.com please come back and share your experience with us and our readers. Thank you!

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