Best approach to online dating

One you start a conversation online or in real life, you don’t want to lose the other persons interest or install fear in their thoughts that you might be “too pushy” or “too forward”.

Never be too serious or all over the other person too quickly. You don’t want to scare them away. This is something that many people do, so if you don’t, it will give you an advantage over the rest. Try to keep the conversation on a general subject, you don’t want to ask personal questions and make the other uncomfortable. Wait for them to share more personal information with you before developing on the subject. Continue reading

How to charm online

To achieve a higher degree of charm, laugher always works well. The more you laugh and make the other laugh the more you will charm the other person. People like funny things (makes them happy) and it helps bringing down “the wall”.

Depending on their interests (which you should already know by now) try to share funny pictures or videos, introduce them in the conversation. Continue reading