Step 1 – Create a Perfect Profile

The first and the most important step when joining an online dating site is creating your profile. This will be your “sales pitch” and the product is “You”. So this page is all about selling yourself, the best of you. Think of it as the “bait” you use. The better and more appealing your profile is, the more it will attract and charm other members of the online dating site. If you neglect it and don’t use the right “bait”, you might not get the expected results. So you really need to take some time and make your profile right.

Now there are a few tips and tricks that I will share to make your profile better. After a lot of research and trials, I’ve realized one thing, the more real and honest your profile looks, the more responses you’ll get.

Some people try too hard, they build their profile like they are Brad Pitt or Megan Fox! They use professional, retouched pictures, hobbies and interests that no normal person can do on a regular base. Over selling yourself on your profile might have the opposite effect and discourage interested parties to contact you. In other words, too much is like not enough.

My best advice is “Be honest!”, this is the time and place to actually tell yourself and others who you are and what you want. If you do this, who knows, you might actually get what you want!

The other important part of your online dating site profile, if not the most important is your main picture. It has to be well and strategically chosen. This is the difference between wearing a suit or sweat pants and a t-shirt when going out. You want to look your best on this picture but at the same time you want to create intrigue, mystique, curiosity in the person seeing the picture so that they click it and read your profile. You want them to want to know more about you!

How to achieve this? It depends, ask yourself what are your strong points? If you want to impress a person and you can only show them one part of your body what would that part be? For some it might be their face, their six-pack abs, others their eyes, lips, back, etc. In other words, something that shocks, creates a reaction and makes people want to know more.

Now, about pictures of your genitals, I don’t say “Don’t” but I don’t say “Do” either. It all depends on what you want and what site you decide to use. Some online dating sites accept them, some don’t. You will “shock”, that’s for sure! But depending on what response you want, might be good, might be bad, your call!

The last thing that you should never forget is that you can always come back and change your profile. You can add or remove pictures and information as you please. This means that you should always update your profile and keep it updated. Keep a notepad opened and note the changes you wish to make so that you remember them, try different profile picture, experiment and play with your profile until you feel it’s working for you.

The better the profile the better the end results will be. Talking about results, let’s see how to get good search result when searching on online dating sites. Go to the next step in this online dating guide: Seek and Find