Step 2 – Seek and Find

Step 2 - Seek and FindWhen you search for a potential mate/partner on online dating sites there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. When searching through the database, you need to make sure that you prioritize your search criteria. You don’t want too many results as you neither want to few results. You must always expect the conversion rate of a date to one out of twenty (1/20) search results on most of the best online dating sites.  That means that if you want four dates this month, you need an average of 80 results matching your search criteria.

To achieve this, you need to prioritize your search criteria on the online dating site you are using. Decide on what are the most important criteria to you and rank them on a scale of one to five. Then play with them until you find a number of result that is humanly possible to check, sort and analyze. You don’t want to end up with thousands of results and you don’t want to limit yourself to 10 search results.

For instance, you might play with characteristics such as : age, body type, race, religion, etc. to increase or lower your search results.

Meanwhile, you might want to make sure that the search results are all active members on the online dating site. That they at least connected in the past seven days. Some sites even provide the response ration of the member. This, the response ratio, should not be too high or too low, a average response ration means that the member does not answer all of the messages (is selective) but does not ignore most of them either (is not too picky).

Also, before contacting a member, make sure that you check their profile and you have a compatibility or a potential future conversation subject so that you don’t waste time contacting members that have no common interests with you.

When searching online dating sites, never forget that the less shallow and less selfish you are, the better chance of success you have. Never forget that even you might not fit all the criteria the person you are contacting is looking for. Nonetheless, all you need is a chance to start the communication. Think of when you are in a bar, and you want to talk to a girl at the other end of the bar, you don’t know anything about her, but you want to know more about her, right? Well, online dating is mostly the opposite, you can learn things about the person you are contacting from their profile, but it does not mean that you know them. So never be afraid to take a chance, especially online! What’s the worst that can happen?

Once you have a good amount of search results, take the time to review all profiles that fit your search terms. While doing this, by process of elimination try to make a list of members you want to contact and take note of what first got your attention in their profile, what attracted you and made you want to know more about them. This will help you in the next step : First Contact