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★★★★★★★★★ General Review is one of the oldest dating sites on the web. It’s been around for over sixteen (16) years. It made its debuts in 1996. Since, has always found a way to keep itself on top of the competition. This online dating site has a HUGE members turnaround and counts a monthly average of 40 million active members worldwide.

This is NOT your average online dating site, is the best online dating site. Their success comes from the “adult” online dating formula that pioneered, developed and marketed first. is the site where you go if you want to meet someone NOW. If you want to get some steam off and forget the past bad experiences, is where you go to see who’s online and ready to chat and meet ASAP.

The fact is that does not only sell relationships, sell fast encounters, hook-ups, one night stands, booty calls, call them what you want, they sell free casual sex between consenting adults. Let’s not beat around the bush, we all want it, we all need it and we all crave it : SEX. This is, in my opinion why the active members count is so high on, it’s addictive, nobody wants to unsubscribe.

Ok, enough with the hot stuff! Here comes the reality check:

One : you will NOT get a booty call on the first night on Like all other pleasures in life, you need to work for it. Follow the steps in the guide and you’ll do fine! Don’t raise your level of expectation because it’s an “adult dating site” and think that all the members want to fuck you within 5 minutes! NO! There is no such thing! (unless you call a hooker)

The fact is that is one of the sites with the most potential because people know what they are getting into and loose the “taboo” side of themselves. They let go and become honest about what they want, so it’s a lot easier to approach and chat with members.

Two : Sorry if it’s comes as a shock to you, but nothing is easy in life, especially dating! So you will need to make that perfect profile on as well and you will need to search and analyse potential members. This takes time and patience, so you should not any. Take the time to search and explore all that has to offer.

Once you gain some experience and confidence, you will really discover the real potential of and why it’s number one in our Top 10.

Statistics Gathered for

Here are the statistics that we have gathered on throughout our experience. We try to keep this information the most accurate possible at all times, but changes may occur with time. Please inform us if you see an inaccurate value.

Total members for

40 million

Launch Year of


Monthly Price for

27,98$ (average)

Percentage of women on


Percentage of active members on

95% Features Review

Here are some of the base features that we think all good dating sites should have. They will allow you to communicate and contact other members on and its trough these functions that you will establish your future dates.

Basic & Advanced Profile Search


Make Lists of Favourite Members


Photo Albums of Members


Instant Messaging between Members


Video Sharing between Members


Private Messaging between Members


Message Templates by to Ease Communication


View who Visited Your Profile


Rate Other Members Profiles


Block Other Members


Live Audio Chat with Other Members


Live Video Chat with Other Members


Experience Summary on

These are statistics we have gathered after a three months trial period on We were 5 people evaluating and testing the potential of during these three months in different geo-locations. These statistics might change depending on your geo-location and your experience with online dating sites. To increase your success rate you should read our online dating guide.

Total Members Contacted


Total Replies Received


Total Serious Conversations


Total Ready to Meet Members


Total Achieved Dates


Percentage of Conversion Rate


Location Statistics for Users

Here are the Geo-Location statistics for the members of These statistics have been shared with us by Please keep in mind to check these statistics when choosing your online dating site. To increase your chances of success you should always pick sites with a high members concentration from your country.

North Americas (USA, Canada)


Europe (UK)


Other Continents (Australia)


If you decide to join please come back and share your experience with us and our readers. Thank you!